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On our site we provide a list hotels with Jacuzzi or hot tub in room.
But, not all rooms in these hotels are equipped with Jacuzzi or hot tub. Before you make a reservation, make sure you chose the right room that you wanted!
For example, if you want room with these amenities, you need to select room with jetted tub, hot tub, jacuzzi or whirlpool on booking page (see image). Also, you can visually check in gallery if the room has any of these amenities inside.

** On TubHotels.com, the term "Jacuzzi" is employed in a general context to denote any upscale jetted or whirlpool bathtub, and not specifically to indicate products branded by Jacuzzi®. Our descriptions of hotel accommodations are based on our interpretation of information received from travel agencies, and we do not assert with certainty that the accommodations feature a Jacuzzi® brand tub or another brand. Given that the availability of hotel rooms and suites with Jacuzzi® tubs or hot tubs can vary, we advise guests to verify the specific type of spa tub included in their booking with the travel agency managing their reservation.