Best Cabins with Hot Tub in Hocking Hills to book in 2024

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Hocking Hills, located in southeastern Ohio, is a popular travel destination for nature lovers and adventure seekers alike. Known for its picturesque landscapes, lush forests, and awe-inspiring rock formations, it’s no wonder that many people choose to escape to this beautiful region for some much-needed rest and relaxation. One way to enhance your Hocking Hills experience is by staying in a cabin with a hot tub. Not only do these accommodations offer a touch of luxury, but they also provide the perfect setting for a romantic getaway or a rejuvenating retreat.

So, what makes cabins with hot tubs in Hocking Hills so appealing?

The Benefits of Staying in a Cabin with a Hot Tub

Privacy and seclusion

Cabins in Hocking Hills offer a sense of privacy and seclusion that is often lacking in traditional hotels. Surrounded by nature, these accommodations provide the perfect environment for a peaceful, intimate retreat away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Relaxation and stress relief

There’s nothing quite like slipping into a warm, bubbling hot tub at the end of a long day exploring Hocking Hills’ natural wonders. Hot tubs offer a sanctuary for relaxation and stress relief, allowing you to fully unwind and rejuvenate your body and mind.

Romantic getaways

A cabin with a hot tub is the perfect setting for a romantic escape. The warm water, soothing jets, and picturesque surroundings create an intimate atmosphere that encourages connection and romance.

Physical and mental health benefits

Soaking in a hot tub has numerous physical and mental health benefits, including improved circulation, reduced muscle tension, and stress relief. By incorporating a hot tub into your Hocking Hills vacation, you’re investing in your overall well-being.

Types of Cabins in Hocking Hills with Hot Tubs

  • Rustic cabins – Rustic cabins with hot tubs in Hocking Hills combine the charm of traditional log cabins with the added luxury of a soothing hot tub. These cozy accommodations often feature wood-burning fireplaces, comfortable furnishings, and stunning woodland views.
  • Luxury cabins – For those seeking a more upscale experience, luxury cabins in Hocking Hills offer top-of-the-line amenities, including hot tubs, gourmet kitchens, and stylish interiors.
  • Pet-friendly cabins – Don’t want to leave your furry friend behind? Many cabins in Hocking Hills welcome pets, ensuring that you can enjoy a hot tub retreat with your beloved companion by your side.
  • Family-friendly cabins – Hocking Hills offers cabins with hot tubs that cater to families, featuring multiple bedrooms, spacious living areas, and child-friendly amenities.

The 10 Best Cabins with Hot Tub in Hocking Hills

Glenlaurel, A Scottish Inn & Cottages

Nestled within the breathtaking Hocking Hills of Ohio, Glenlaurel, A Scottish Inn & Cottages offers a serene and luxurious escape reminiscent of the Scottish Highlands. Voted Ohio’s #1 inn by Ohio Magazine, this adults-only retreat invites guests to indulge in seclusion, romance, and exceptional service. Each cottage features a private hot tub, creating a relaxing oasis amid nature’s splendor.

During your stay, delight in Glenlaurel’s six and seven-course gourmet dining experiences and savor the legendary three-course country breakfast, included with your reservation. This enchanting estate sets the stage for romantic getaways, outdoor adventures, and memorable escapes with friends. Explore the property’s picturesque gorge, where private hikes lead you through captivating waterfalls and woodlands.

Brian HoltBrian Holt
13:52 13 Mar 24
Brittany StrawmanBrittany Strawman
14:47 10 Mar 24
Sarah RodgersSarah Rodgers
21:56 06 Mar 24
My husband and I decided to eat here for our wedding anniversary, and it was a bad culinary experience.We arrived early for the Pub Social, and it was fine. There was a small serving plate of cheeses and some fruit in the room with the bar. Be aware, this room gets crowded due to a lack of places to sit during the Social. Just as an fyi - I was under the impression we got a free drink during the social but we didn't, which is fine because I probably misread the website. I did get a glass of wine though, and it tasted like a very cheap bottle. They only had between 2-4 single glass wine offerings on the drink menu.The first course of the dinner menu was a scallop. The presentation was beautiful, but I couldn't eat more than one bite because it had sand in it. The second course was a soup that I didn't like, but that was probably a personal preference. Third course was a salad, and that was the best course. The forth course was a wine sorbet and it reminded me of one of those sugar-free fruit gummies with a grainy texture. Fifth course, the entrée, was slow-cooked beef served with a merlot reduction, mashed potatoes, and asparagus. The beef on the tippy top had a char, fell apart, and was delicious. But, the rest of it did not fall apart and when I turned it over the back side was just a conglomerate of fat. The asparagus wasn't done, and the merlot reduction didn't reduce enough. The final course was a gluten and dairy free butterscotch dessert. It tasted like someone put a coarsely ground nut butter on top of a weird granola.At the end, the chef with a fake sounding accent came out and told a couple of stories that made no sense. Most people in the room were looking at each other like...what?, or trying to avoid eye contact with the chef. Finally, the music sounded like the same 3 songs over and over for the whole 2 hours of dinner. Not a great experience.
M FranceM France
10:36 02 Mar 24
Could not have picked a better place for my wife's 60th b-day surprise celebration with friends. We were looking for something relaxing, quaint and different. Glenlaurel exceeded that by a mile! Great intimate Scottish Inn with cottages and friendly staff. Glad the weather improved to hike the on-site trail and gorge, which are like a mini Hocking Hills without the crowds. Definitely enjoyed social hour at the bar before our expertly prepared 6-course dinner. First place in a long time that I can honestly say would not change anything. Thanks for a great couple of days! We will definitely be back! Thanks, Matt
Dave CDave C
14:04 26 Feb 24
Incredible! Intentional and thoughtful to make your stay perfect.
Bernadette BulandaBernadette Bulanda
00:59 24 May 23
Glenlaurel far exceeded my expectations. From the moment we pulled up, I felt transported to Scotland. The commitment to detail is exquisite. Every staff member is beyond pleasant and helpful. It’s a magical place with beautiful grounds and the manor house for breakfast and lunch is spectacular!! The food is amazing. Both breakfast and dinner presentations were perfect and some of the most delicious dishes I have ever experienced. The chef and his team cater to your needs perfectly.Highly recommend this establishment.We stayed in the Muir cottage and I didn’t want to leave. The cottage was so inviting, warm, cozy and larger than expected. The cleanliness was greatly appreciated. I can’t wait to go back!
Rhea WestRhea West
18:02 17 Jan 23
Lovely, magical, romantic getaway. Have gone 4 times during my husband’s birthday and will keep on going. My husband wants a cabin but this place is a better option with a Chef, fireplace, hot tub/jacuzzi and beautiful grounds with a waterfalls and a gorge. You can also have someone come and give a massage.Jean Michel is an amazing chef with an excellent sense of humor.The grounds are awesome with a 1 mile hike to the Gorge and falls. The icicles in the winter are beautiful!Can’t wait to come back next year!!!
Sarah DeBordSarah DeBord
20:03 06 Jan 23
I came to Glenlaurel for a much needed break. I came alone, as my sweet husband encouraged me to take some time away to just focus on myself. Once I arrived I began feeling very sick and ended up in the ER.Upon my return to the Inn, the staff were so amazing, supportive, and they genuinely cared about me and my well being. I was scared to be so sick and hours away from my family, but they really helped support and accommodate me, for which I am very grateful for! Not only is the Inn so beautiful and charming, the staff are beyond amazing and go above and beyond for their guests ?
Chelsea WalsmanChelsea Walsman
21:06 30 Dec 22
If I could give 10 stars I would. The environment is truly an intimate, elegant one. All of the cottages are stunning, and the staff is phenomenal. Admittedly I'm ashamed to say I worried the food would be "hotel food" and dressed up as gourmet. I couldn't have been more wrong. I had some of the best meals I have ever had. I don't even like seafood, and I ate every bit of seafood that was put in front of me! You have to go!
21:41 09 Dec 22
The food, cleanliness and atmosphere were all lovely. We, sadly, didn't have time to explore the grounds, but what little we saw of them were well maintained and we hope to come back again sometime to explore the trails and such. Definitely try the 6/7-course dinner if you stay. The food is so good we're debating driving down just to try it again.
Kaitlin PerainoKaitlin Peraino
17:21 04 Oct 22
Amazing, a true hidden gem. Delicious food, beautiful property, wonderful cabins, staff is exceptional, cant say enough good things! Great way to disconnect from life's responsibilities for a bit and reconnect with your partner. And must chat with Chef JP, he's so much fun!

Valley View Cabins

Valley View Cabins, located in the scenic Hocking Hills region, offers guests a serene and private retreat. Each cabin is situated on its own 2.5-acre lot, providing an ideal environment for relaxation and rejuvenation. The cozy accommodations are well-equipped with various amenities, including a soothing hot tub, a welcoming fire pit, and a fully-equipped kitchen, ensuring a comfortable stay for all guests.

The natural beauty of Hocking Hills surrounds Valley View Cabins, with nearby waterfalls and lush landscapes waiting to be explored. In addition to serving as a tranquil escape, Valley View Cabins also functions as a picturesque venue for wedding ceremonies and receptions, creating a memorable setting for any special occasion.

Valley View Cabins seamlessly blends privacy, comfort, and the enchanting landscape of Hocking Hills to provide guests with an unforgettable experience.

Valley View Cabins
Based on 120 reviews
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Angel RoseAngel Rose
09:10 27 Feb 24
For my wedding we rented the spacious Rush Creek Retreat cabin for our out of town guests. I had 8-10 guests from out of town that stayed there and about 5 additional guests that visited, but didn’t stay the night. Everyone had so much fun. We had wine, food, bon fires, and enjoyed the hot tub with the crisp fall air. My guests loved the privacy and that there were not any bunk beds. It was all queen size beds at Rush Creek Retreat cabin. There were 2 living rooms, 2 kitchens, 2 dining rooms, a large deck. The double bed rooms had private bathrooms. Then there were 2 shared bathrooms as well. Also, a laundry room. It’s such a stunning nature view too.My husband and I had The Kennedy cabin for our wedding night. It was absolutely beautiful. We rented The Jackson cabin when we returned in December. It was a spacious and very private cabin. We warmed ourselves next to the fire, enjoyed the hot tub (which feels so good when it’s cooler outside). We absolutely loved the Valley View Hills Winery during our visit. The brick oven pizza is delicious and we got to enjoy our favorite wines that we had at our wedding. We even got a case to take home. The cabins and restaurant were beautifully decorated for the holiday. Also, at the office they have a paper with suggestions of things in the area. My husband and I went hiking at the Steppes. It was about an 8 minute drive from the cabin. The views were breathtaking. They have caves, waterfalls, and trails. I even saw fish swimming below the ice at the bottom of a frozen waterfall. My husband and I will be back this fall/winter and probably every year after too.
Linda ZacchettiLinda Zacchetti
23:11 13 Feb 24
04:52 15 Jan 24
Rej R.S.Rej R.S.
08:07 16 Dec 23
Shelley RShelley R
01:51 28 Oct 23
Susan StolzSusan Stolz
16:35 11 Jul 23
Cabin was as presented, clean and comfortable. Beautiful surroundings in a great location. Mowed trails through the property great for a walk with family.
Andrew W DorrellAndrew W Dorrell
01:15 14 May 23
stayed here a few years ago..very good experience spotless clean cabin etc.. looking again..but wait !!..a $50 "cleaning fee" has now appeared since covid--so you are telling me your properties were dirty before covid???..another example of a business taking advantage of the covid cult by adding such a fee..what $50 to open the windows and spray some lysol around??? whats the difference between how you cleaned a cabin pre covid to now???needless to say I jogged on by and went elsewhere. sad that people will exploit a situation like this. sadly too may will think this fee is "for their protection "when it did not exist 2 years ago yet the cabin was just as clean then. wake up people and avoid business that try and exploit you !!APRIL 2023 UPDATE - cleaning fee for the one bed cabin gone up from $50-$75 (50%)and big cabins charging up to $175 to clean after a 2 night stay!!that Biden post Covid "transitory" inflation really kicking in.....IN reference to the business justifying $3500 a year cleaning costs due to "inflation" especially the price of chlorine tablets for hot informed. I have a 400 gallon 6 person hot tub at home- the price of chlorine has increased significantly from around $12 per pound of 1 inch tablets for a floating sanitizer to around $18 per pound. I use around 1lb per month so $200 a year on average. must be some expensive toilet roll and lysol wipes to justify the other $3000 !!!. not buying the not increasing room rates argument. people..please be informed....too many business charging cleaning fees, service card fees then have their hands out expecting tips alsoquite simple..decide to pay the fees..or look elsewhereBTW the Menonites that own a lot of cabins just south of Logan charge no booking fees, no cleaning fees and have better rates. Enough said- just have to book early as they book up months in advance at popular times
Lisa MatwayLisa Matway
19:43 05 Apr 23
Beautiful cabin and perfect for 4 with all of the comforts and amenities. Would definitely stay again!
Zack ThompsonZack Thompson
12:13 04 Nov 22
Love this place! Stayed at Kennedy in 2011, now here at Van Buren 1, never disappointed! READ the guest books in the cabins!! You never know what you may read about someone. We did, and it was like reading history books! Very cool! We'll be back again and again!
Leah CoolLeah Cool
21:55 17 Jul 22
Beautiful cabin, great setting, and affordable. Definitely will be staying again. The kitchen was fully supplied and plenty of towels were available.
Kaitlyn NoelKaitlyn Noel
17:36 07 Jun 22
My husband and I had a just for two wedding and stayed at the Kennedy. Everyone was very nice and helpful. Before we arrived I always got quick and thorough answers to all of my questions and the Minister even build a fire in the fireplace for us! The cabin was clean and inviting. We would definitely recommend staying here and would love to come back!
Helena Uber-WambleHelena Uber-Wamble
19:29 23 May 22
Great owners...clean facilities. There could have been some mirrors in the bedrooms for the families who had girls getting ready to attend the free up bathroom space for the boys, but other then that...great place. Recycling is on your own here. We took ours 20 minutes into the Recycling center in town.
Katlyn ArcherKatlyn Archer
19:41 25 Feb 22
Had our small wedding ceremony at the venue and it was beyond beautiful the staff decorated perfectly and everything went better than I could have possibly imagined! They were fabulous and our special day was perfect. The bouquet was gorgeous as well. I have nothing but amazing things to say about their wedding organizers!!!

Chalets in Hocking Hills

Chalets in Hocking Hills provides an array of beautiful lodges, cozy cabins, cottages, and chalets that cater to both romantic getaways and family vacations. Nestled in secluded, wooded areas, guests can admire breathtaking views while indulging in luxurious amenities such as fireplaces, hot tubs, and elegant finishings. With over 50 premier cabins to choose from in the Hocking Hills region, finding the perfect accommodation for a relaxing escape is a breeze.

These accommodations offer a tranquil atmosphere amid the natural beauty of Hocking Hills, where guests can unwind and reconnect with nature. The combination of exceptional amenities, stunning surroundings, and a variety of lodging options ensures a memorable and rejuvenating experience for all visitors to Chalets in Hocking Hills.

Chalets in Hocking Hills
Based on 298 reviews
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Ruby HoveyRuby Hovey
22:41 24 Mar 24
my partner booked us here for my birthday. we stayed in an a-frame and had a great time. it rained the whole stay so we didn't get to do any hiking but sitting in the hot tub with the pitter patter on the roof was perfect.
tonia nicholstonia nichols
17:01 15 Mar 24
Hello. We haven't stayed here yet, but just booked the A Frame Chalet for April. Reading the reviews, they are from one extreme to the other. Should we be concerned with uncleanness inside and in the hot tub?Thank you for your kind response. Can you tell me if there is an opening on the back porch? And if so, if there is a gate so that we can allow our dogs to go out there?
Alex KAlex K
02:13 13 Mar 24
Jimmy JamesJimmy James
16:16 10 Mar 24
Nice places to stay. The saunas are amazing!
Lisa WestfallLisa Westfall
19:12 15 Jun 23
Booked 2 cabins in the Conkles Hollow area and they were perfect! Within walking distance of each other, on a private road. Very clean and had everything we needed for our stay! Loved that we were able to use the indoor fireplace and covered hot tub on a rainy night. Will definitely book again.
Ryan BrayRyan Bray
18:04 13 Jun 23
We stayed on legends lane in the newly constructed Chalets and we loved then. The planning and construction of these little cottages is great. Whoever did the decorating knows what they are doing. We enjoyed quiet nights in the hot tub after long days of hiking around Hocking Hills. The Chalets are centrally located to everything you might need to during your stay. I had a slight mishap and knocked a shelf off the wall, and Dannie and the maintenance staff were great to deal with. The customer service Staff attitude and willingness to help is at a level you won't find many places anymore. The pool was great and clean, as well was the grounds and all facilities. All in all of your looking to stay near Hocking Hills Park and anywhere in that general area, you will be doing yourself a disservice if you stay anywhere else.
steve williamssteve williams
01:31 08 Feb 23
If your planning on staying at Hawk's Peak, you may want to ask if these issues have been resolved first. I sent a courtesy e-mail to them as to let them know and never received a response. Therefore, I'm leaving it here.1. The hot tub water level was too low. Jets above water line with two bathers in the tub.2. Ceiling fan in downstairs bedroom very noisy and unable to use for sleeping.3. Dishwasher not connected to counter top, so the whole thing slides out from under the counter when you pull the door open.4. Light above the range burned out, making it difficult to see while cooking.5. Window shade in downstairs bathroom too short and doesn't provide adequate privacy.6. Kitchen faucet difficult to shut offFor the price we paid for basically a day and a half, I expect all these issues to be stayed on top of.In response to the comment left underneath this review:Let me make sure I understand. Instead of you maintaining the cabin and making sure the most simplest of things are satisfactory, you think I should have called, so a repair person can be there taking things apart, making noise, invading our privacy during the 1 and 1/2 days of our stay that cost in excess of $800? So instead of you fixing the problems between customer's stays, we should let you know of the issues during our short stay so you can fix them then?
Icarus EternityIcarus Eternity
17:29 18 Nov 22
Amazing vacation place right on the edge of Hocking Hills State Park. The staff was friendly and the cabin was cozy and perfect for our stay. We'd absolutely recommend staying with the Chalets!
Kathy MarcoliniKathy Marcolini
12:51 22 Jul 21
Great location. We stayed in an A-frame. It was very clean, nicely decorated, and the hot tub was a perfect ending for a busy day! The chalets are just as they are advertised. We have already told many friends and family about the chalets and will continue to recommend to everyone!! Thanks for your help in making our stay at Hocking Hills a wonderful memory!

Journey Ridge Cabins

Journey Ridge Cabins in Hocking Hills offers a collection of secluded two-person cabins, each set on its own expansive three to five-acre property and surrounded by the enchanting Hocking Hills forest. Guests can relish the abundance of peace and quiet found at these retreats while still being a short drive away from popular attractions like Old Man’s Cave and Ash Cave.

The cabins at Journey Ridge are comfortably furnished, featuring full kitchens and gas log fireplaces to ensure a cozy and welcoming atmosphere. Additionally, each cabin is equipped with a covered deck that boasts a hot tub, allowing guests to fully unwind in the midst of nature. Outdoor enthusiasts can also enjoy a gas grill for al fresco dining and a fire pit for memorable evenings under the stars.

These tranquil cabins provide an ideal setting for couples seeking a private and serene escape in the heart of Hocking Hills.

Journey Ridge Wood Ridge Cabin
Based on 21 reviews
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Ron Earley Sr (Ron)Ron Earley Sr (Ron)
12:50 04 Apr 23
Definitely in the woods, this is one of the nicest Cabins we've ever visited. We extended our stay for the whole week. Great hottub. Animals right outside every morning. 4whl recommended in the winter. Secluded... love it
Mike MarshallMike Marshall
17:36 02 Apr 23
Ryan MurphyRyan Murphy
21:41 29 Nov 22
Birdsong all the way! Been there 8 times
Marc E HopkinsMarc E Hopkins
07:56 27 Sep 22
This was our second time getting this cabin! Quiet clean cozy! Couldn't ask for a better time! It was Niki's Birthday weekend and when we went inside there were a bouquet of flowers and a card waiting for her.She was elated. Thank you for making her weekend special. We definitely will be back.Wonderful hot tub. Easily accessible fire pit. Covered porch on the back with a grill.
Paula BrowerPaula Brower
18:28 22 Aug 22
Brad FisherBrad Fisher
17:57 27 Sep 21
Visited for our 30th wedding anniversary. Very secluded and private. Stayed in the birdsong cabin. Very well kept and stocked with the basics. Looking forward to visiting again. Would like to say thanks for a great experience to the property owners ?
Nick DeRoseNick DeRose
14:56 05 Aug 21
Me and my wife came to this cabin to get away for a few days to relax and not worry about anything at home. We also came out here to celebrate our anniversary. You are far out from every thing but it's worth it. Get in the hot tub, relax, enjoy the wilderness, and don't forget to play the George game. Everything you need to know is in the book. Enjoy!

Bear Run Inn Cabins & Cottages

Bear Run Inn Cabins & Cottages in Hocking Hills presents a picturesque hilltop hideaway, spanning over 600 acres of hills, woodlands, and meadows. Guests can choose to stay in one of the property’s charming and cozy cabins, each thoughtfully designed to provide a comfortable and relaxing experience. Featuring hot tubs and other amenities, these cabins create a serene ambiance for visitors to unwind and enjoy the natural beauty of the surrounding area.

The property also boasts two fishing ponds, allowing guests to partake in leisurely outdoor activities while immersing themselves in the tranquil landscape. A shelter house and fire pits are available on-site, offering opportunities for social gatherings, memorable conversations, and cozy evenings under the stars.

Bear Run Inn Cabins & Cottages
Based on 55 reviews
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Amanda FoutyAmanda Fouty
13:40 07 Nov 23
Would give 10 stars if could. My boyfriend loved the free range chickens. The room was amazing. I can't wait to come back and stay in the other suites and some of the cabins. Recommend over and over again!
Cathy MurphyCathy Murphy
02:21 17 Oct 23
Peggy LuhringPeggy Luhring
20:31 11 Oct 23
We have stayed in these cabins and we keep returning, what a great place , quiet , clean ,and very friendly service , we highly recommend you stay at Bear 🐻 run Inn cabins
Pedro LlerenasPedro Llerenas
14:50 07 Aug 23
Michelle HufferMichelle Huffer
01:39 05 Jun 23
My boyfriend and I spent a romantic weekend at the Sugar Maple Cabin. Such a cute cabin. Area was very secluded and quiet. The cabin was immaculate. They even had the lights dimmed and soft music playing when we arrived. The hot tub was amazing and very clean. The cabin definitely provided us with the much needed relaxation we both needed and we had everything we needed to enjoy our stay without having to leave the cabin which was nice. We will definitely be staying here again in the very near future!
Traci CampbellTraci Campbell
13:44 23 Mar 23
We recently used Bear Run when in Hocking Hills for our son's wedding. Our family and my daughter's in law family used 3 different cabins. We all absolutely loved everything about our stay from beginning to end. The location is beautiful, the cabins are perfect and the service was top notch! Met Kirstin as we checked in and she was so wonderful. This may sound crazy, but we were all thrilled there were box fans in every room! My whole family uses box fans for cool as well as sound, to sleep. This little detail thrilled all of us! I only wish I could give more stars!
Karleen RidgewayKarleen Ridgeway
02:36 13 Dec 22
Perfect quiet, peaceful getaway! I have been in the hospitality industry for years and the amazing service and attention to details, prompt attention when a minor issue arises and friendly staff make you feel like you are a priority! We have been coming to the Hocking Hills area for years and have stayed at many different cabins, this is by FAR the cleanest, most comfortable and enjoyable time we have had! Will definitely be back! We stayed in the Sugar Maple cabin!
Jessica HendersonJessica Henderson
21:59 17 Oct 22
This was the most beautiful cabin and so much fun . We didn't get pictures outside but it was so relaxing. We ate slept and ate some more. The fire place male's it so warm and cozy. Well be back again
Mia SanchezMia Sanchez
00:25 28 Feb 22
My friends and I (8) stayed at the Redbud Cabin and had a wonderful time! The whole cabin was very clean and had more than the amenities listed online. We were able to cook full family style meals and spend many nights hanging out in the hot tub. Communication with the owners was always fast and friendly. It was a beautiful property that we hiked around and was easy to get to. I would definitely recommend and would go back in the future.
Diana MossDiana Moss
13:08 25 Oct 21
October 22-24, 2021Red Bud Cabin.This is an Apples of Gold mentor retreat. We mentor and provide biblical wisdom to young women. We had a wonderful and relaxing time.The cabin is beautiful, well stocked and exceptionally clean. Jacuzzi is well maintained. The owners are very accommodating and take the time to provide guidance on use of items not always familiar to everyone.The property is absolutely beautiful with a nice mowed path for hiking that takes you through meadows and woods. There is also a couple of ponds that are great to sit at and lose your thoughts in!Between the seven of us there, we unanimously highly recommend Bear Run Cabins!

Eagle Wings Lodge

Eagle Wings Lodge, a luxurious log home in the picturesque Hocking Hills, is nestled on 14 acres of stunning landscapes, surrounded by lush forests and located just 48 miles southeast of Columbus. The lodge offers guests an opportunity to appreciate the magnificent views from the wrap-around covered porch, whether it be while warming up by the extra-wide outdoor fireplace or savoring a meal with loved ones overlooking the spring-fed lake and waterfall.

This exquisite accommodation is designed to create memorable moments and connections with family and friends, all within a serene and inviting atmosphere. The hot tub serves as a relaxing addition to the property, allowing guests to fully unwind amid the captivating beauty of Hocking Hills.

Eagle Wings Lodge stands out as a remarkable retreat for those seeking an unforgettable experience that blends comfort, luxury, and the enchanting allure of nature.

Harvest Moon Cottages

Harvest Moon Cottages in Hocking Hills offers a selection of five luxurious, secluded cottages and one lodge, all nestled within the serene woods and equipped with the comforts of home. Guests can enjoy fishing in the private pond, fully equipped kitchens, charming gas-log fireplaces, satellite television, stereo systems, and complimentary Wi-Fi in select cottages.

Each accommodation boasts a private hot tub on covered decks, allowing for year-round relaxation. The cozy fire pits at every cabin provide an opportunity for stargazing at night and admiring the picturesque views during the day. Two pet-friendly cabins are available for small dogs weighing under 45 pounds.

The Harvest Moon Lodge can accommodate up to 15 guests and features a private pub and billiards/game room, making it suitable for family reunions and small weddings. With the capacity to host up to 40 guests comfortably on the property, multiple cabins can be reserved for the perfect blend of togetherness and privacy.

Harvest Moon Cottages
Based on 88 reviews
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Shana ButashShana Butash
20:18 07 Jan 24
Stayed in the Chateau initially… cozy, romantic and had everything we needed! Had a propane issue and the owner was very responsive and offered quick solution and resolve, ended up moving to the Overlook, and thoroughly enjoyed that cabina as well! Hot tub and fireplace were perfect for the cold nights! Will definitely be back!
clay maggsclay maggs
16:20 16 Nov 23
My gf and I stayed at the Chateau. The cabin was very cozy and clean. Very accommodating as well, the kitchen had pots, pans, and silverware/glassware. Also had a gas grill, with propane included in the back. Would highly recommend staying here if you're inserted in staying at hocking hills.
Beverly RinghiserBeverly Ringhiser
18:13 12 Oct 23
Rae MaeRae Mae
01:06 27 Aug 23
I know that reviews are generally for guests but I would like to make one as a former employee. Of course there are cons to any job, but Anita (one of the owners) is one of the best bosses I've had. She's genuinely one of the most gentle and sweet people and she cares about her business. I worked here for I think around a year and she was as kind to me in the end as she was in the beginning, and that's saying a lot. Unfortunately I had to leave to care for my sick dad, but I enjoyed working with her!
Tamera PrintzenhoffTamera Printzenhoff
02:13 14 Jul 23
The Overlook is a well-maintained, cozy cabin. On-site fishing, hot tub , and fire pit were nice. We brought cooking supplies, but didn’t end up needing it because the kitchen had all kinds of pots, pans, utensils, etc. We enjoyed our stay here as a family and will visit again!
Jason StonerJason Stoner
13:00 17 Jun 23
Outside of repeat billing issues this was a very good stay. Just wasn't happy being billed 3 times, then the money was held for several days and then I was charged again.
Annie BowersAnnie Bowers
14:26 04 Jun 23
My husband, me and my 80 yr old mother stayed at Creeksong cabin this weekend. Since this was her first vacation ever we wanted to make it special. Harvest Moon Cottages is our place of choice when we visit Hocking Hills. The cabin was amazing as always. Plenty of room for us and my sister and brother in law when they joined us for the weekend. Beds were extremely comfortable, wifi was super strong so we could text and communicate with the rest of our family back home. Kitchen was equipped with all the emenities needed to cook our meals. The fire ring was truly awesome! Sitting out in nature listening to the birds going to sleep and hearing the crickets wake up. The truest form of beauty in nature. The only downfall is that we will not be able to rent our cabin from here for our family in the future. Our family has grown exponentially and we need larger lodging. My spouse and I may be back by ourselves but we love spending time with our children and grandchildren. So we have decided to make it a yearly tradition of going to Hocking with our ENTIRE family. We would like to thank the owners of Harvest Moon Cottages for such great memories every time we visit and being so accommodating to our needs. Happy trails to you all! ❤️
Jason AllwoodJason Allwood
20:33 14 Dec 22
Grabbed a cabin (Peacepipe) for my son and myself. We had an absolute blast! Clean, cozy, and quiet. Perfect lil' getaway
Mel SevenMel Seven
11:43 02 Aug 22
Beautiful home. Love the pool table, poker table and all the other games offered. Hot tub is enjoyable too! The property is very secluded and a beautiful. The cons... The beds are the most uncomfortable I've ever slept in. I wish I would have taken an air mattress. If you have a bad back, bring an air mattress or sleep on the floor. If you sleep with a spouse, you'll roll right into each other. They're more like trampolines, springs with a cover. Also, being out in a secluded area, the wifi is terrible. If you have little ones and use a wifi camera for when they're sleeping, don't bother. Social media hardly loads so a camera definitely will not work. I'd suggest bringing one that doesn't. Require wifi.
Julie BrossJulie Bross
01:14 08 May 22
We stayed in peacepipe for 3 nights and loved it! The cabin and its surroundings were exactly what we expected from their photos and other reviews. The cabin was clean and well maintained. It was secluded and quiet. A great way to relax and just what we needed
Scott BuckScott Buck
02:18 22 Mar 22
This is an absolute stunning place. Its secluded, private and gorgeous. You drive up to a beautiful home with an inviting front porch. Walk in to a breathtaking pub. Great game room. The main floor is perfect. Every bedroom tastefully decorated, and super comfortable beds. The kitchen is so beautiful with the tiffany style lighting. We stayed for 2 nights, and wished for a week. Can't wait to come back. Best hot tub ever.
Julie LeckyJulie Lecky
21:55 18 Oct 21
We had the most incredible stay at Harvest Moon cabins over the weekend. We stayed in the Chateau cabin and it was Heaven in the Hills. The cabin is top notch and decor and amenities did not leave us wanting for more.The cabins are also in a prime location next to Saltpeter Caves, a lesser known nature preserve. A daily permit was needed but well worth getting as it was a gorgeous hike.I highly recommend these cabins. You won't find anything better, especially for the price, amenities, quality and location.

Pleasant Valley Cabins

Pleasant Valley Cabins in Hocking Hills offers guests a serene and secluded escape to luxury log cabins, perfect for those seeking a quiet and relaxing getaway. The cabins are situated overlooking a large, wooded ravine teeming with birds, wildlife, and foliage, providing a peaceful and picturesque setting for visitors.

Each cabin is spacious, covering over 1,000 square feet, and can comfortably sleep four guests. The amenities are thoughtfully designed to cater to every need, featuring a well-equipped kitchen with a dishwasher for convenience. Guests can enjoy a restful night’s sleep on the two queen beds, fitted with plush pillow-top mattresses.

The hot tub and its variations serve as a delightful addition to the accommodations, ensuring guests can truly unwind during their stay. With its tranquil atmosphere and upscale amenities, Pleasant Valley Cabins in Hocking Hills is the ideal destination for a rejuvenating retreat amidst the beauty of nature.

Steve MarketSteve Market
20:47 12 Apr 24
Justin StebletonJustin Stebleton
13:23 15 May 22
Andrew WaltersAndrew Walters
21:58 13 Aug 21
As always, super nice cabins and secluded. Very clean and well maintained. Owners are awesome as well!
Jacob DavidsonJacob Davidson
12:55 12 Aug 21
Great place to stay clean quite nice hot tub
Tammy BTammy B
01:30 15 Jul 21
Next vacation. I want the hot tub. Pictures look awesome.
Marcella DachtlerMarcella Dachtler
20:29 13 Jun 21
This place was wonderful. We rented both cabins and had our daughters' family and total 4 of 5 grandchildren. It was a wonderful long weekend. Close to attractions. The hot tub was amazing ?
Sean PSean P
19:18 16 Apr 21
The cabin was great and looked as advertised, my only issues were that the water in the shower smelled like well water, the freezer rack was rusted, the upstairs TV didn't work and the outside lay out was not put together well (mainly because the firepit was placed on a section that was on a weird hill). This is for Cabin 1 but it was nice enough that I would consider visiting again.
Jenny KaradinJenny Karadin
01:58 25 May 19
This was an amazing place to stay! Extremely clean and the owners, Peggy and Tom, made you feel at home! On our drive there I realized that I forgot a wine bottle opener! Well they had that plus more, I cannot recommend this place more! Peggy advised us in places to visit and made us a helpful map! The cabin is just amazing as well! We are going back every year to stay here! This was the best honeymoon I could ever imagine! Thank you for making this trip easy and care free!
Margaret BarberMargaret Barber
00:39 22 May 18
We went in September 2017 for our five year anniversary, with our two kids! She supplied a baby gate for us, the loft upstairs was big enough for a queen size air mattress to sit next to the bed, where our kids slept since they were to little to sleep on the downstairs without us. Beautiful furnishings. Very comfy. Clean hot tub. Very steep drive, so have a vehicle that can do the climb. Our van worked. We stayed for 4 days. There was internet available to tap into due to location. Very friendly owners. We signed a message in the diary, along with other previous tenants. Enjoy your stay!
Robin MurrellRobin Murrell
01:44 21 Mar 18
Comfortable and cozy! We had a wonderful time there. Hot tub as one of the nicest we've seen. TV was a real nice size too. Lots of wildlife, seen 10 deer at one time. Squirrels were fun to watch and we enjoyed listening to the birds.

Blue Rose Cabins

Blue Rose Cabins, located in the heart of Hocking Hills, offers a collection of luxury log cabins designed to create an atmosphere of romance and relaxation. Each cabin is thoughtfully appointed with a range of amenities that cater to the needs of guests, ensuring a comfortable and unforgettable stay.

The cabins feature hot tubs, which provide a perfect setting for guests to unwind and connect with their loved ones. Additionally, each accommodation comes with a gas grill, allowing for delightful outdoor dining experiences. The fully-equipped kitchens and cozy fire pits further enhance the inviting ambiance of these romantic retreats.

Bed and bath linens are also provided, ensuring guests can focus on enjoying their time in the idyllic surroundings. Blue Rose Cabins presents a charming and serene environment for couples seeking a memorable and intimate getaway in the captivating Hocking Hills region.

How to Choose the Perfect Cabin with a Hot Tub in Hocking Hills

  • Determine your budget – Before you begin your search for the perfect cabin, establish a budget to help narrow down your options. Cabins in Hocking Hills range from affordable rustic accommodations to luxurious retreats, so there’s something to suit every budget.
  • Consider the location and proximity to attractions – Think about which Hocking Hills attractions and activities are most important to you, and choose a cabin that offers easy access to those points of interest. Whether you prefer being close to hiking trails, scenic overlooks, or local shops and restaurants, finding the right location can enhance your overall experience.
  • Assess available amenities and features – Make a list of the amenities and features that matter most to you, such as a fully-equipped kitchen, outdoor fire pit, or Wi-Fi access. Compare different cabins to ensure you’re choosing a place that meets your needs and preferences.
  • Read reviews from previous guests – Browse through reviews from previous guests to get an idea of what to expect from a particular cabin. This can provide valuable insight into the cleanliness, comfort, and overall experience of your potential accommodation.
  • Book early to secure your preferred cabin – Popular cabins in Hocking Hills, especially those with hot tubs, can book up quickly. To ensure you get the perfect cabin for your vacation, make your reservation well in advance.

The Natural Beauty of Hocking Hills

Geographic location and features

Hocking Hills is situated in southeastern Ohio and boasts a diverse landscape characterized by rugged cliffs, lush forests, and cascading waterfalls. This region offers a truly stunning backdrop for your cabin retreat.

Hocking Hills State Park and its attractions

  1. Old Man’s Cave: A striking, deep gorge featuring unique rock formations and a picturesque waterfall.
  2. Cedar Falls: A beautiful, secluded waterfall surrounded by hemlock trees and sandstone cliffs.
  3. Ash Cave: An impressive recess cave with a seasonal waterfall, perfect for exploring and photography.
  4. Rock House: A natural, cave-like formation with a fascinating history and stunning views.
  5. Cantwell Cliffs: A remote, scenic area with dramatic cliffs and challenging hiking trails.
Old Man’s Cave in Hocking Hills

Outdoor recreational activities

  1. Hiking and exploring: With miles of trails to choose from, there’s no shortage of opportunities for adventure and discovery.
  2. Birdwatching and wildlife viewing: Hocking Hills is home to a diverse array of bird species and wildlife, providing ample opportunities for nature enthusiasts.
  3. Canoeing and kayaking: Explore the serene waters of the Hocking River or local lakes at your own pace.
  4. Rock climbing and rappelling: For those seeking an adrenaline rush, Hocking Hills offers rock climbing and rappelling experiences for all skill levels.

Final Words

Staying in a cabin with a hot tub in Hocking Hills offers an unparalleled experience, combining relaxation, luxury, and natural beauty. With a variety of cabin options, from rustic to luxurious, and numerous opportunities for outdoor exploration, Hocking Hills is the perfect destination for a memorable getaway.

For more options in Ohio, consider exploring hotels with Jacuzzis or hot tubs in other cities, such as Columbus and Cincinnati. No matter where you choose to stay, a hot tub experience awaits you in the beautiful state of Ohio.


Are cabins with hot tubs in Hocking Hills expensive?

Cabins in Hocking Hills with hot tubs come in a range of prices, from budget-friendly to luxury accommodations. Determine your budget ahead of time to find a cabin that suits your needs

What should I bring for my hot tub experience?

Bring a swimsuit, towels, and any personal items you may need, such as toiletries or a change of clothes. You may also want to bring your favorite essential oils or bath salts to enhance your experience.

How can I create a romantic atmosphere while using the hot tub?

To create a romantic atmosphere, consider using soft lighting, such as candles or string lights, around the hot tub area. You can also play soft, relaxing music in the background to set the mood. Additionally, floating flower petals on the water’s surface or sharing a bottle of sparkling cider can add a touch of romance to your hot tub experience.

Are there any local romantic activities or attractions to enjoy while staying in a cabin with a hot tub in Hocking Hills?

Hocking Hills offers a variety of romantic activities and attractions for couples. You can enjoy a leisurely hike to a secluded waterfall, such as Cedar Falls or Ash Cave, or embark on a scenic horseback ride through the lush forests. For an unforgettable experience, consider booking a hot air balloon ride to take in the breathtaking landscape from above. In the evenings, you can cozy up by the fire in your cabin or stargaze from the comfort of your hot tub.

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